Race #3: Moab 240

Quick Facts

238.3 miles 

Dates: October

Cut Off: 112 hours

Style: Single loop course ​
Closest City: 
Moab, Utah

Number of Entrants: 200
29,467 ft of ascent and 29,467 ft descent
Registration opens Jan 1 at 9am PST! Click here to signup.

Race Description:The Moab 240 will transport you to another planet: red rock landscapes as far as the eye can see, impossibly stacked rock formations, and some of the most iconic trails in the USA. The course begins by following the Colorado River, running through canyons and into the Abajo Mountains (also known as the Blue Mountains) and circling back around to the La Sal Mountains to get up as high as over 10,500 feet! The route finishes by taking the world class Porcupine Rim Trail and Hidden Valley Trail with sweeping views, high cliffs and plenty of slickrock. Start and finish of the race is in Moab, UT one of the premier outdoor destinations in the world. The Moab 240 will challenge participants with heat in the canyons, high altitude and cold in the mountains and a longer than 200 mile course, measuring exactly 238.3 miles. Although this course has less elevation gain than both the Bigfoot 200 & Tahoe 200, don't let that fool you. This is one tough course with racers needing to manage the heat and later, the altitude and possibly the cold as well as the longer than average distance of a 200 miler.

The Moab 240 is also known as the Stephen Jones Memorial Run, dedicated to the memory and vision of our dear friend Stephen Jones who died while skiing in 2016. Stephen was an avid runner of 200sand came up with this course before passing away. We have made minimal changes to the course he created.