652.3 miles in 3 months, welcome to the TC200s

Information about the Triple Crown of 200 Mile Registration

Registration for the Triple Crown (TC200s) for 2022 is via Ultrasignup and is open from June 14-28, 2021 only! This year will be the first time we offer a registration that will allow you to bypass all the race lotteries for the individual events. That means if you want to run the TC200s next year you just need to register between June 14-28, 2021. We have updated and generous transfer policies for the TC200s that will allow you to transfer to 2023 or 2024, rather than just the usual one year transfer option. This will only apply to registered TC runners and follows specific rules and dates outlined on this page.

Register here Registration opens for just 2 weeks from June 14-28, 2021

The Triple Crown Races:

Please note that refund/transfer policies for each individual race DO NOT apply to the TC200 registration. Read more on this page for details.

Want to learn more about each TC200 race?

Learn more about each race by clicking on its name:
Bigfoot 200: August in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State
Tahoe 200: September in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California & Nevada
Moab 240: October in Moab, Utah through the La Sal and Abajo Mountains

2022 Dates:
August 12-16 Bigfoot 200
September 9-13 Tahoe 200
October 7-11 Moab 240

Why Register for the Triple Crown?

  • Bypass all three race lotteries and be automatically in each race
  • Generous race transfer policies allowing you to transfer for up to 2 years instead of 1
  • Easy, quick registration well in advance so you can plan your training and (next) year's races

Registering for the Triple Crown will allow you to bypass all three race lotteries and be entered in each race as well as the Triple Crown without the worry that you won't make it in through our individual race lotteries. We have a limited number of race entries via this special registration and once they are sold out runners who want to do the Triple Crown will be required to register for each race lottery in order to do the TC200s. Triple Crown registered runners will be eligible for generous transfer policies allowing them to transfer for up to 2 years instead of the usual one year. ​

What is the cost? 

Cost for the Triple Crown of 200s (all three races) is $4,500 before ultrasignup fees.

The fees break down to $1500 per race and includes your SPOT rental fees. Payment is made via ultrasignup when registering. If applicants want to avoid ultrasignup fees they may pay with bitcoin. Bitcoin payments will not be subject to any ultrasignup fees. Currently bitcoin payments can be made via cash app to Destination Trail's Cashapp tag $candicealicia or via our BTC address. Applicants will pay with $USD when registering on Ultrasignup.

​*If paying with Bitcoin please email so we can set up registration via ultrasignup. You will avoid all ultrasignup registration fees. Email Candice@destinationtrailrun.com for details. 

What is included in the fees for the Triple Crown of 200 mile entries?

  • Entry bypassing lotteries into each of our 200 mile races: Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, Moab 240 in one calendar year with the ability to transfer these entries for 2 years as outlined with specific dates in the Refund/Transfer policies on this page (read carefully)
  • SPOT rental & live tracking during each of the events
  • Race t-shirts for each event
  • Special race swag: will likely be duffel bags, emergency bivy, emergency poncho but can change a bit year to year
  • Finishers awards (if you finish) for each individual race: Finisher race prints, handmade buckles, finisher mugs or glasses
  • Triple Crown of 200 mile Finisher award artist made in the USA if you finish the TC200s, handed out at the Moab 240 award ceremony
  • Medical teams at all the races, as well as aid stations with hot food, fully marked courses, timing and results and so much more. To read more about each 200 mile race, please carefully read our Runner Manuals:

    Runner Manuals for each 200 mile race:
    Please read carefully, please note that the linked manuals are for the 2021 races and will change a bit from year to year due to permitting and race needs.
    Bigfoot 200 Runner Manual
    Tahoe 200 Runner Manual
    Moab 240 Runner Manual

Triple Crown of 200 Mile Policies for 2022: Refund/Transfer Options

Refund & Race Policies: Transfers, Refunds, and other details
Registering for the Triple Crown of 200s entails your agreement and acceptance of our race policies in their entirety. We will not consider special exceptions and we will not be able to accept any medical exceptions or other reasons for exceptions. We are unable to offer full refunds once you have registered. Please consider this carefully before registering. You must email the race organization within specified dates to get your refund/transfer, if you qualify for one. 

  • Each 200 mile race (Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200 and Moab 240) has its own set of policies. Those who register for the Triple Crown through the TC200 mile registration will have their own set of transfer policies as outlined on this page, for this reason the individual race policies will not apply to the TC200 runners
  • These policies do not apply to previous year's registrants who have transferred their entry, these rules only apply to 2022 Triple Crown of 200mile runners (those who register in June 2021 TC200s) as this is a new registration option that bypasses lotteries
  • These policies do not apply to COVID19 cancelled race transfers

Policy Dates for 2022 Races: Can't run? Here are your options

  • Up until June 1, 2022 at midnight Pacific Time runners may request a 100% transfer for the TC200s to 2023 or 2024. If they transfer to 2023 and decide before June 1, 2023 (midnight PT) that they want to transfer to 2024 they may do that and will receive 100% fees transferred, however 2024 is the last year the 2022 runners may transfer to without losing all their credit. Transferred runners are responsible for paying any increase in fees year-to-year. Once a runner chooses the transfer option, refund will not be allowed under any circumstances, any year. Transfers are not allowed to other runners, regardless of the circumstances. You may not sell your entry. To request a transfer please email Kristal@destinationtrailrun.com
  • Email us before April 1, 2022 to receive a 50% refund will be provided for the 2022 TC200s. Full refund on all merchandise you may have purchased. To request a refund please email Kristal@destinationtrailrun.com
  • Email us before June 1, 2022 to receive a 25% refund will be provided for the 2022 TC200s. No refunds are allowed after this date. Full refund on all merchandise you may have purchased. To request a refund please email Kristal@destinationtrailrun.com
  • 2022 TC200 runners who do not finish one or more of the TC200 races will be allowed to bypass the lotteries of individual races they didn't finish the following year (2023). They will still need to pay the entry fee and register within the lottery period to qualify for this bypass. 
  • International refunds (this includes Canada) and Requests to Mail a Check:  Please expect refunds to take longer (up to 30 days). A $5 fee for paypal refunds internationally. Mailing checks is a flat $25 fee that we will deduct from the refund. 

  • We do not take any special exception requests - even with doctor’s notes. We feel that this is the most fair way to deal with requests. Do not ask for special treatment. Your registering for the TC200s means your acceptance and agreement of the TC200 mile policies. Do not register for the TC200s if you do not agree with these policies. 

  • Refunds do not include the ultrasignup fee. Ultrasignup is a seperate company and a service we use. As such we have no control over refunding their fees.
  • Once you have chosen a refund or transfer as per our policies via email, that choice is binding and cannot be changed. Emails must be sent by the dates listed in this policy to be considered. Exceptions will not be made. Emails sent after the cut off date will not be eligible for previous refunds and transfers. Email agreements for refunds or transfers cannot be changed once you choose one option or the other (assuming you are eligible for a refund or transfer). Please consider this before deciding what option you would like. 
  • How long does a refund take? Expect your refund to take up to 2 weeks, sometimes it takes longer. International refunds can be up to 4 weeks. If we are on site for a race when you email about a refund/transfer please expect a longer delay. If we miss your email, please let us know! Sometimes we miss emails and a reminder is helpful. Please email Kristal@destinationtrailrun.com 
  • The organizers reserve the right to deny any refunds/transfers at their discretion. 
  • Please inquire about a volunteer-trade for race entry if you are interested in additional race credit. Exceptional volunteer service will be considered for race credit. 

    Race cancellations:

There's always a chance one or more of our events may be cancelled due to "Acts of God" or environmetnal or permitting issues outside of our control. The Triple Crown of 200s reserves the right to cancel any of the races based on: (1) Extreme snow pack. (2) Extreme weather during the event. (3) Extreme fire danger or active fires. (4) Other extreme conditions. (5) Unforeseen circumstances that make directing the race impossible. In the case of cancellation, race entries will not be refunded. If the race is cancelled due to fires or fire danger there will be no refunds. Transfers in the case of a race cancellation will be at the discretion of the race and depend on timing. The organization will do its best to allow transfers of remaining TC200 entries to next year if cancellations happen.

Mandatory Gear:

This gear is required and must be carried at all times. You will be checked for mandatory gear and if you are not carrying it race management may give you a time penalty or DQ you at their discretion. Pacers must also carry this gear.

Jacket with hood

Cell Phone
Long sleeve insulating layer: for example, a long sleeve shirt or puffy jacket
Pants, must cover legs entirely 
Emergency bivy - (foil, lightweight) see recommended bivy here
Hat or buff and gloves
Headlamp and extra batteries
GPX track on a phone, watch or device
500 extra calories
SPOT tracker rented from the race for live tracking (we will provide)

Why Choose Destination Trail Events?
All events in the Triple Crown of 200s are organized by Destination Trail, a company that has been organizing 200+ mile races for 8 years beginning with the Tahoe 200 in 2013. Choose an organization inspired by runners and owned and managed by ultrarunners. We are here to support you through your epic adventures with our well marked courses, medical team, live tracking that is monitored 24/7, aid stations with real food including vegetarian and vegan options and a track record of successful, runner-oriented events. Thought and care is put into every aspect of our events from the quality swag and awards you receive - handmade in the USA, to how and where each sign and course marking ribbon is placed.

Choosing a company with a proven track record of successfully organizing multiple 200+ mile races cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to putting your trust, time and investment- your life- into an event of this distance and magnitude. We have had many years to work out the kinks and issues that all events face in the first 3-5 years of their inception. We know where our routes need (extra) markers (where runners get lost), we know where extra water/aid support needs to be, we know when runners tend to have medical issues, what mandatory gear to require, what staff and volunteers to have in place, what foods runners need to make it so many miles at a time (hint: lots of incredible real, hot food!) and so much more, all this based on many years of experience. 

Our events are challenging and the ultimate in adventure-based trail running with an emphasis on supporting our participants before, during and after the event, runner safety, and the most scenic mountain routes in the USA. Each event is designed so that you can travel from anywhere in the world and see the most stunning terrain & views on non-repetitive courses. We like to have the most single track mountain trails possible! We'll never have you run in circles or out and back just to get some extra miles. Our 200 mile events generally (pre-COVID) have 15-25% international runners and athletes from almost every state in the country. See why people from all over the world keep choosing to run Destination Trail events - and why we have one of the highest return rate of runners in the industry despite also having the longest distances.