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Sideshow photos by Scott Rokis, Howie Stern, Ross Comer, Jerry Gamez, Kali Mellus

Calling All Trail Adventurers

Just a year ago it was pretty crazy to do one 200 mile race. Now we're doing four, in just five months. 

*Update: The Arizona 200 and Moab 200 are postponed until 2017, but we are still having the Double Crown, in 2016 it will include the Bigfoot 200 and the Tahoe 200. In 2017 it will include the Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, Arizona 200, and Moab 200. 

The Grand Slam of 200s was created to highlight the most scenic and non-repetitive 200s in the USA. That means you'll never have to do more than one loop, there's no (or very few) out and backs (briefly to aid stations or to bag a peak), and each step you take is a unique exploration of some of the most magical terrain in the USA. The Grand Slam is made up of the four original non-repetitive 200 mile trail running courses in the USA. What makes these races special? They are either point-to-point or single loop courses featuring a plethora of single track trails, lots of elevation gain and an adventure of a lifetime. These races embody the best in race course design for 200 + miles. 

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